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Houseboat Chearful Charley

Gentle sounds of voice and our-dappled waters greet you in the morning, as you come awake in your waterborne homes, beautiful houseboats moored by the edge of Srinagar’s lakes. For these are the greatest attraction, enchanting water-boat residences of cedar wood with their stately living quarters, drawing and dining rooms, all furnished with carved wooden furniture, glowingly embroidered rugs and fabrics and Kashmiri objects d’ art.

The "cheerful charlie" has tree double bedrooms with attached bathrooms, hot and cold water, living room, front veranda facing the huge Himalayan mountains and the lotus flower covered with the beauty of Dal lake. The atmosphere, silence, breathtaking view and homely comfort gives freshness and renewed energy to any exhausted traveller.

Just next to the above mentioned houseboats you can step directly onto the beautiful garden, namely Naseem Bagh, which used to be one of the Mughal Gardens, flower covered and shadow cast by more than 400 years old Famous Chinar Trees from the Mughal Emperors period. It’s such a DELIGHTFUL COMBINATION WITH COLORS AND FLOWERS CHANGING BY THE NATURE OF THE FOUR SEASONS.

Would you like to watch the beautiful little bird coloured so brilliant blue, bright orange, white and just a little black, an almost unbelievable color combination…….Yes, you guessed it, it’s a Kingfisher "fishing". "All under, and up it comes with it’s catch………a tiny fish to be swallowed all in one, head first". There are as many as 3 different sizes of Kingfishers. Would you like to make a 7 days trek to catch your own delicious trout in a crystal clear glacier lake way up in the beautiful Himalayas? POSSIBLE!

We have been honoured to have the intellectuals from different countries, Ambassadors, State Guests, Heads and Members of International Organisations, Film Personalities, Rock Stars, Business People, Writers, Journalists as our valued guests.

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